Asbar Center:

We are a scientific organization concerned with conducting studies and research on development and policies. Asbar Center has outstanding initiatives in dialogues and thinking including “Asbar Council”, which is a think-tank with a pool of more than one hundred thinkers, researchers and experts. Other initiatives include “Asbar World Forum” which is concerned with holding conferences, symposia and workshops that complement the intellectual and scientific products of the Center.

Established in 1994

Chairman: Dr. Fahad Al-Orabi Al-Harthi


– Providing consultations, research and policy development.

– Articulating ideas and enhancing dialogue.

– Providing theoretical and applied solutions for the current issues.

– Supporting the knowledge community, innovation and future prospective.

– Linking the research projects, consultations, and events with the community needs and problems.


Asbar Center strives to become a prominent consulting center and think a tank in the Arab region.


Participating in the development of society, raising the efficiency of decision-making in the relevant institutions and assisting such institutions in drafting the policies related to development through providing systematic consulting services, conducting scientific studies, hosting meetings, conferences and workshops.


Asbar Initiatives


Asbar Council:

It is one of the important initiatives launched under the umbrella of Asbar Center and it is a non-profit Think-Tank established in 2015. It includes about 100 intellectuals and experts from different disciplines, and political, intellectual and social spectra.

The Council publishes a monthly report on the most important political, social and intellectual issues (12 reports and 48 topics annually). It has a website and platforms on social media (Twitter, Facebook and YouTube).

Positioning itself as a local and Arab leader in shaping opinions and ideas to serve the society issues and sustainable development.

Establishing intellectual, cultural and social space to discuss intellectual, cultural, political, social and developmental issues of interest to the Saudi society, the Arab world and the world at large.

  1. Deepening knowledge on the latest events and society issues.
  2. Promoting the values of dialogue and sharing views among the intellectual and cultural elites.
  3. Providing specialized cultural and intellectual insights on the latest events and translating them into a reference material for those who are interested.
  4. Suggesting scientific and practical solutions for the existing problems and presenting some related initiatives.







Asbar World Forum:

It is an annual development forum established in 2016. It is concerned with introducing knowledge society, digital transformation, innovation, new job opportunities, and future prospects.

To be at the forefront of conferences that provide tools, procedures, methodologies and practices to everyone in order to benefit from the social and economic knowledge, and make it a reality.

To make the influence of knowledge on the society something tangible through creating, integrating and using knowledge to become the main practice for everyone.







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