The Asbar World Forum‭ (‬AWF‭) ‬remotely organized a‭ ‬series of virtual webinars between March and April that discussed‭ ‬the effects and repercussions of Covid-19‭ ‬on the Kingdom‭ ‬and the world‭. ‬The discussions were carried out by elite‭ ‬experts‭, ‬specialists and academics from inside and outside the Kingdom‭. ‬

The organization of these seminars by AWF comes within the‭ ‬framework of its role in discussing and covering topics and‭ ‬issues of thought‭, ‬politics‭, ‬culture‭, ‬society and economics‭, ‬and finding‭ ‬innovative solutions‭. ‬It also comes as part of keeping abreast‭ ‬of the latest developments at the local‭, ‬Gulf‭, ‬Arab and‭ ‬international levels‭, ‬including the outbreak of the Coronavirus‭.  ‬

The webinars‭ ‬addressed a number of topics related to the Coronavirus‭, ‬most‭ ‬notably distance education‭, ‬the economic effects of the Corona crisis‭ ‬on small and medium enterprises in Saudi Arabia‭, ‬the role‭ ‬of technology in providing government services to citizens‭, ‬preparation and‭ ‬response to counter Covid-19‭, ‬the social effects of the‭ ‬pandemic‭, ‬the shape of international relations and the new world‭ ‬order after Corona and urban planning in encountering the crises‭. ‬

It is noteworthy that the Asbar World Forum organizes many‭ ‬cultural and scientific events throughout the year‭, ‬in addition to‭ ‬convening a well-known annual conference‭, ‬which highlights through its‭ ‬sessions many important issues regarding the knowledge economy and knowledge society‭, ‬and futures studies‭. ‬

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