The Center carries out many studies, strategic research and opinion polls in various intellectual, administrative, economic and social fields. This emanates from the understanding that modern and sophisticated management cannot tolerate immediate and improvised decisions, and decisions must be informed by the exact reality and clear perceptions of the future. Thus, and to a large extent, this ensures taking the right decision and builds confidence in the soundness of actions it inspires. Among the primary tasks of Asbar Center is to serve the decision-makers, through relying on a large pool of in-house or associate experts, scholars, analysts and researchers in various disciplines.  This Center close ties with many information, research and studies centers at home and abroad.

The opinion polls are among the necessities required for conducting a correct and objective evaluation, foreseeing and planning for the future, and being prepared for any surprises or challenges. Decision-makers and planners can no longer dispense with this type of research and studies. Asbar Center, therefore, employs various modern approaches and provides tools and appropriate means for data collection and analysis and for reaching the results. Below are some of the Center’s fields of work: 

  1. Social studies and research
  2. Economic studies and research
  3. Documentary studies
  4. Strategic studies
  5. Publishing, books – authored materials



Asbar Center provides various types of consultations, including:


Some of the consulting studies carried out by Asbar Center include:

Asbar Center in the marketing industry:

Integrated marketing communication contributes to developing and promoting the efficiency of public and private institutions and helping them to plan and implement marketing strategies. This offers many communication marketing services following the latest scientific methods in light of the high competitiveness witnessed in the development sector in the Kingdom, in addition to the extensive experiences enjoyed by the work team. 

Integrated marketing is the cornerstone in reaching out to the customers and the target audience to communicate the desired image, and it gives a large-scale opportunity to realize professional standards in the following areas:

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