Asbar world Forum issued its annual report for the third session of the Forum, 2018, which was launched under the title ” the future Era, Saudi Arabia tomorrow”, the report presents a summary of the activities and events organized by the forum throughout the year, and provides findings and recommendations work papers and researches presented to the forum.

The report referred in his introduction that the forum aims, through its annual report, to be a beacon for researchers and specialists interested in the affairs of the future everywhere, the people of homeworkers in various fields, especially his youth, as mentioned in the speech of His Royal Highness Prince Faisal bin Bandar bin Abdulaziz, Governor of Riyadh region, at the opening of the conference at its second session: “the Saudi human reached a high level, and he needs to trust and support, so they can have a big role coming in every stage of this country”.

The annual report of the Asbar world Forum third session monitored the activities and events organized by the Forum such as sessions, lectures and workshops, which dealt with several themes such as future education technologies in the light of the digital world, the future of energy, oil in the global energy balance, sustainable energy development, and the future of community technologies, Technology, entrepreneurship, corporate research centres, environmental economics, the role of ecosystems in present and future environmental protection in the Red Sea, smart cities, Saudi health transformation plan, AI applications in health, and research Health security

The report also addresses the activities associated with the other, which touched on topics as diverse as the jobs of the future, investment funds screen, and Saudi Arabia tomorrow, and design the future of education in the light of Vision 2030, and the school of the future, challenges and prospects in the field of future studies, smart cities and digital solutions for a better future, the impact of financial technology on economic growth, and the printing of the medical three-dimensional.

In addition to the exhibition entitled “From innovation to impact” for startups in partnership with King Abdullah University of Science and technology “KAUST”, as well as the declaration of award “ideas for the future” developed by the forum, aims to develop the spirit of creativity and innovation and to stimulate talents and capabilities, making the future, in five sectors: education, future, health, technology, energy, and the environment.

Came to the forum at its third session, the variety with the vision of the kingdom of Saudi Arabia Vision 2030, aimed at industrial future based on community vitality, invigorates the economy is booming, and a new generation of aspirations and objectives that drive development and development in the economy and resources to help large and productive.

Asbar World Forum is a development economic forum to support the comprehensive and rapid transformation project towards the knowledge society and economy in Saudi Arabia, and to demonstrate the correlation between the knowledge society and sustainable development.

It also deals with insight into the role of knowledge in raising the level of the efficiency of the productive and service sectors and their absorptive capacity to transform knowledge into an economy, and benefit from the successful global experiences relevant.

Previously, the management of the Asbar world Forum announced that the fourth session will be held next November from 4-6 in Riyadh Fairmont hotel under the patronage of HRH Prince Faisal bin Bandar bin Abdulaziz, Governor of Riyadh Region, under the slogan “Inspiring Saudi Arabia”. More than 90 local and international researchers and experts will attend the fourth session.

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